Whiskey Wood

Whitehead Orthodontics

  • As a family profession and way of life for the Whiteheads, it only made sense to start the Whitehead Orthodontic’s video with opening the office and turning on the lights for another day of doing what they love. By incorporating the positive feedback from his patients and a walk through of what to expect during your visit, families are put to ease and grow to know Dr. Whitehead as a friend by the end of the video.


Below are some images we did for "Summer Strong," an annual strength event.  Check it out here:


  • Our relationship with Josh has flourished over the past __ months/years since the day he moved into his iron and sawdust laden workshop behind the KICKSTAND STUDIO office and has since become a close friend. He approached the team needing an instagram teaser video in which we narrowed down __ hours of shooting into a quick, 15 second snippet of just another day at the office.