Brand Focused Photography + Video

Our first project with BA10 was this marketing video to showcase the "Method"

We created a second video to help those viewers that feel intimidated by gyms to realize that it's a choice and it's not just for the elite or physically gifted.  


When it comes to fitness like you’ve never experienced before, the motivating trainers at Base 10 Method stop at nothing to achieve results. With an emphasis on community and learning the basics of functional fitness, we had the pleasure of filming a glimpse into their motivational world. From thrusters and deadlifts to wall balls and pull-ups, each class or personal training session is planned to push the envelope and leave their clients with an imeasurable feeling of achievement. 

Crossfit fitness gym wall decoration
Today, finding someone that always does what they say they’ll do almost seems impossible. Not only does KICKSTAND do this, but they go above and beyond. I can’t imagine anything they wouldn’t be equipped to produce to the highest level. I would use the videos they made for us as national television advertisements in a heartbeat
— Brandon Keatley, Base 10 Method Owner
Base 10 Crossfit gym front desk and interior design

Below is one long video compiling several small social media video shorts we produced to show that fitness can be truly functional...