Brand Focused Photography + Video
Artisan custom wood kitchen table in modern home 


Our relationship with Josh has flourished over the past few years since the day he moved into his iron and sawdust laden workshop behind the KICKSTAND office and has since become a close friend. He approached the team needing an Instagram teaser video in which we narrowed down several hours of shooting into a quick, 15 second snippet of just another day at the workshop. As Josh continually creates unique furniture pieces, KICKSTAND is right there to capture it so he can keep his website and social media up-to-date.

Artisan woodworker custom kitchen table 
In short, working with Kickstand has been incredible. As a custom furniture company, we really rely on great photography to communicate our designs to clients around the world.

We needed someone who both understood our mission and had the creativity to make our furniture stand out. Kickstand has crushed it in both regards.

Between their intentional questions about our work, professionalism, and overall attention to detail, it was easy to trust them to elevate our brand.
— Josh Cox, Bricker & Beam Owner

Custom wood dog bed and french bulldog

Custom wooden bed frame in modern bedroom

Artisan woodworker with wooden table

Seeing as Josh continually produces new furniture pieces to sell, product imagery is one of his largest needs. However, in order to set up his website, background images and detail shots were vital to create a visually stimulating domain that didn't overload his audience with strictly product photographs. We loved being able to creatively select complementary images that get down to the essence of what his brand represents. The few images below are a glance at what we were able to capture for that very reason. 

Artisan woodworker in workshop