Brand Focused Photography + Video
Vintage car with blue interior 


Airplane hangars, weekend convertible getaways and high-end business trips are all places you would find the men and women that wear clothing and accessories from Granger Owings. We went for a bright, crisp look that focused on the patterns and textures of the clothing while also showing off the adventure and versatility that each piece allows.

Fall 2016 Line

Vintage red convertible with female with a headscarf

Spring 2015 Line

Vintage impala with well dressed male 

Spring means a time of growth and Granger Owings not only wanted to grow their promotional imagery, but also their social media presence with a few short Instagram clips. Check out one of our favorites below. 

The Getaway Line

White males in suits at airplane hangar
White male models in suits and sunglasses in vintage airplane
Vintage red mustang convertible in airplane hangar

Fall Collection Line

Male models chopping wood with dog and bonfire
Male models in vintage sport coats and pocket squares